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Peerless Storage Co.

Located in Dayton, OH, The Peerless Storage Co. has been serving the warehousing, transportation, and distribution needs of our customers since 1922.  With nine different buildings and over 1.5 million square feet of public storage space, Peerless Storage Co. has become the regions leader in freight handling.  Peerless has the equipment and experience to handle a wide variety of materials, including rolled paper, paper bales, slip sheeted freight, palletized goods, and floor loaded goods.




Lumber Load And Reload Services   Lumber storage Facilities


Peerless is serviced by the CSXT. This service helps Peerless provide it's customers with railcar loading and unloading at eight out of our nine warehouses. We can unload both boxcars and flatcars as well as many types of special  equipment (please call for specific information).




Paper Products In Storage   Recycled paper products in storage


Aided by an advanced computer database software program, the customer service department at Peerless is able to maintain inventory control by a variety of different methods.  We always strive to customize our services to meet our customers requirements. Over the many years of servicing our customers we have found that many customers want a total package of services, including a brokerage firm to coordinate truckload carriers and railroad containers, as well as a reliable regional truckload carrier.  To meet these demands we introduced Custom Freight Sales Inc. as a full service brokerage firm and Mad River Transportation as a truck load carrier. We welcome the opportunity to work for you and invite you to contact us.

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DAYTON, OH  45401
(937) 228-2166
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